Earnest Tree Service Completes Old-School Canopy Raise & Clean Out

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Iredell County, North Carolina | December 2021

When it comes to tree care, sometimes the simplest and most time-honored methods can yield the best results. In situations where modern machinery is impractical or inaccessible, we resort to 'old school' techniques to perform canopy raises and cleanouts. 

An old school tree canopy raise and cleanout refers to the process of selectively removing lower branches and debris from a tree's canopy, using manual tools and techniques rather than relying on heavy machinery. This method is used when access with vehicles or equipment is limited or impossible, such as in densely populated urban areas or small residential properties.

Our team completed this canopy raise and clean out on this 'little' guy. Despite encountering limited accessibility, our dedicated team successfully completed the task using those traditional methods. We have the solution for any access-related challenges you may face.

In addition, we provide crane services specifically designed for navigating tight spaces, ensuring the safe and damage-free removal of trees without compromising your property's integrity. For all your tree care requirements, you can rely on Earnest Tree Service & Landscaping.

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We are a fully licensed and insured tree service company. Our job is to ensure the safety and care of your trees and your property. We can improve the health and appearance of your trees or manage them so that they are no longer a threat on your property.

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