What is the difference between tree pruning and tree trimming?

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Are you a home, business or property owner? If so, you've probably thought about trimming or pruning your trees. But, what's the difference?

Tree pruning is used to remove dead or unnecessary branches or limbs from a tree. Tree trimming, is used to promote healthy growth for the tree. Pruning and trimming happen at different times of the year and different pieces of equipment are used.

Tree Pruning:

  • Pruning removes dead, infected, diseased or unnecessary branches or limbs from a tree.
  • Sometimes branches are growing in the wrong direction or towards/beside an electrical wire or a structure and pruning helps keep unwanted growth in check.
  • It is often done annually.
  • Dormant trees are often pruned during winter to ensure they grow well during the Spring months.
  • Hand sheers or lopping shears are used for thin branches while a saw may be required for larger/thicker branches or limbs.

Tree Trimming:

  • Trimming helps boost proper and healthy growth of a tree, as extra branches and overgrowth can prevent trees from getting their necessary moisture and nutrients.
  • Trimming removes the overgrown branches to offer a more attractive or "cleaner" aesthetic for your trees.
  • This service usually takes place twice annually.
  • Sheers, trimmers, and saws are used.

We often use ropes, harnesses, and other equipment to removed hazardous branches, limbs or trees safely from hard to get to locations, keeping the world above our heads a little safer!

Our bucket truck also enables our team to be safely lifted off the ground, while allowing the bucket to reposition and reach out-of-the-way spots that couldn't be reached with a ladder. This is especially true with power lines, homes, or other structures obstructing safe access to limbs and foliage.

Whether your trees need just a little touch up, a major makeover, or removal and grinding, a professional is the right choice for the job. 

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