Rating: A+ (10/10) Earnest Tree Service provided an outstanding experience from start to finish. The entire team displayed incredible professionalism and an exceptional work ethic. They expertly and safely removed nine trees and ground the stumps with remarkable precision. There was no downtime; every team member knew their role and performed it flawlessly. I found myself admiring their efficient process. Last year, I used a different tree service to remove seven trees, which took three days and cost more. The difference between that service and Earnest Tree Service is night and day. Please take a look at the before and after photos of the three large trees near my shed and my neighbor's property. With Mike expertly wielding the chainsaw from the bucket and the skilled team below, they removed the trees with great care and precision. The small tree I requested to keep was left untouched and in perfect condition. The stump grinding was executed with the finesse of a master technician. They left my yard in better condition than when they arrived, meticulously cleaning as they went. Brandon has assembled and trained a fantastic team of highly skilled and conscientious professionals. Their pricing is fair and competitive—in fact, more than fair considering the quality of service. I highly recommend Earnest Tree Service for their expertise, professionalism, and exceptional team.


Response from Earnest Tree Service Thank you so much for your 5 Star Recommendation, Keith! We are just thrilled to read that you had an outstanding experience with Earnest Tree Service. Your detailed account of our team's professionalism and efficiency truly means a lot to us. We're glad to know that our precise and safe removal of the nine trees, along with the meticulous stump grinding, met your expectations. It's great to see that you found our process efficient and our team well-coordinated. Mike and the rest of the team take great pride in their work, and it's wonderful to see their efforts appreciated. Thank you for your high recommendation and for sharing your before and after photos. The entire team here at Earnest Tree Service are grateful for your support and trust.
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